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Being a clown hasn't been all that easy! It has been a great adventure, a journey without a roadmap, a tireless search and the result of a strong determination on my part. Becoming a clown was a surprise and still is. It has meant accepting I am a little bit "crazy" (as a goat) as I have been told many times. When I come to think about it, it is very crazy to resist and to continue dreaming, feeling, playing and failing in a consumer society where normality (of normative) is the norm!


At the age of 18, cloaked in a strong feeling of secrecy and with the great aftertaste of the afternoons theater classes of my childhood, I joined a company where I discovered Body, Voice and Text. From there on, guided by my artistic vocation, I flew from my homeland and, then, like a kangaroo, I jumped from school to school burdened with the dissatisfaction of NOT FITTING IN

One day, I stumbled upon Mr. Jacques Lecoq (in a leaflet, not on the street) and I found, thanks to Pepa Gómez, and I discovered his pedagogical method which was one I could finally relate to, EUREKA! I then attended an experimental school with this method… which, yet again, I didn't finish… There were reasons for this: the only teacher I found stimulating left and I got a call from a friend from the theater milieu, who understood my professional passions, to tell me that she saw me as a Clown, a C L O W N? Her words hit home in such a way that, I took my first clown course whilst still studying in the Lecoq school where, one had to get through other drama categories before getting to the clown material… I could not wait and left.

From that day on, (10 years since that 1st course) I have found a profession tailor made for me, that every day makes me GROW and expand a Philosophy of Life that fits my CuriousArtisticCreativePlayful gaze on our surroundings, and that gives me the opportunity to keep advancing towards a more friendly, smiling, tender, honest, spontaneous, peaceful, poetic, beautiful… in short, HUMAN world.