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I have been working as a Hospital Clown for years and I have visited and toured Hospitals and Centers for the elderly in different parts of the world. Since 2015 I work for the Theodora Foundation in Barcelona, where I am Dra. Valenta, accompanied by my inseparable "guitalele".

Also as a Clown, I develop other areas, such as the business field, for example, where I carry out different types of artistic interventions or activities, according to the targets required: training discussions, workshops, raising awareness, performances, master of ceremonies…

Sometimes I participate in different conferences and courses, I am in charge of closing them down, I have called this "The Clownsure", where I summarize the conclusions of the subject dealt in a pedagogical-humoristic way.

AXIS Corporate Video Navidad 2018

Hospital CIMA Sanitas

Smiling Tour en SH

Fundación MGS

"A Clown's gaze is a mirror through which we see her soul and our reflection in it"