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"With regards to the goat or in connection to this mammal: goats are very curious and intelligent. They have good body movement coordination and an the ability to climb and keep their balance in the most unpredictable places." They are so agile that it is highly likely that they will escape from their enclosures. They are natural explorers of everything new and unknown in their environment. They are less gregarious than sheep and they love to graze all over the countryside, and, also, they leave their kids run wild!

I'm Isabel Morera, also a mammal, and as a child people used to call me "goat"… the kid goat. At the time, I was 7 years old and I lived in the canary island of El Hierro. Today, a few years later, I understand why I was "the goat or kid goat" and I smile from within.

Thanks to the pagan baptism of my childhood, which alluded to my Caprine essence, my artistic name was born and that of my Clown Company. I studied Theater, Dance and Clown. In the field of Clown I have trained with different teachers, coming from different schools: Hangar Manicómicos- Galicia (Cristine Rossignol- Michael Dallaire Method), Nouveau Colombier-Madrid (Josep Piris-Claudia de Siato), La Estupenda-Granada (Alex Coelho), PayaSOSpital-Valencia (Sergio Claramunt), Hijos de Augusto- Valencia (Lluna Albert-Jesús Jara), Anton Valen, Virginia Imaz…